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Car Care Tips for Colder Months

Colder months of the year don’t just require more layers of clothing and slower driving; the winter can take a real toll on your vehicle, too. To ensure your car is set for harsh seasonal weather, here are ten essential tips to optimizing your car’s seasonal performance.
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  • Battery: You don’t want to get stranded during winter because of a dead battery. Make sure your car has enough juice by having its battery tested and charged.
  • Oil: If you’re waiting a couple extra miles before getting your oil changed, do it now instead of waiting any longer. This season is harsh on your car and fresh oil/filter will give it a needed boost.
  • Brakes: Your brake pads can wear down without you realizing it. Instead of waiting until it’s too late, inspect your brakes and have them replaced if they’re wearing down.
  • Wiper Blades: If you’re caught in a rain or snow storm, working wipers can make all the difference. Clean off your wiper blades to remove any built-up grime, and if they’re starting to break down from age, have them replaced.
  • Lights: Find any light bulbs that may have gone out without you noticing. Then, wash and wax the glass to amp up the luminescence as much as possible.
  • Exhaust System: Check underneath your car for any holes or cracks in your exhaust system that could be leaking carbon monoxide into your cabin. This is especially important during this season when your windows will be rolled up.
  • Heating: Make sure your car’s heating and defrosting elements are in working order so you aren’t left in the cold!
  • Fluids: All fluid levels should be topped off, especially your antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid.
  • Tires: Rotate and inflate your tires, as the cold can really strain them. If you have the means to get winter tires, have those installed.
  • Tune-up: A thorough inspection of your vehicle is important before winter sets in. Have a mechanic address any performance or starting problems your vehicle might be suffering.
We know that winter can be long and dreary, but don't let your vehicle maintenance bring you down. That's what our trained Nissan service technicians are for! If your Nissan needs a bit of TLC, make sure you stop by the Service Department. We look forward to seeing you!​ 
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